Deck Department

My solid foundation in the Deck Department was laid early in my maritime career when I joined the South African Navy in 1989. Training on a daily basis included subject matter such as rope work, seamanship, navigation and ships knowledge. I achieved an above class average for the subjects studied through-out my military training. Practical experience was gained while sailing in and around the South African coast.

After the completion of my military service I became an avid yachtsman at the Algoa Bay Yacht Club in Port Elizabeth, South Africa where I participated in various sailing races.

In 1995/96 I moved abroad where I sailed in the Red Sea. I enrolled in the Canadian Yachting Association Skippers course whilst gaining practical sailing experience onboard the 47 foot ketch, Shooneet. I was employed as single man crew responsible for the general up keep and maintenance of the yacht.

In 2000 I entered the Super Yacht industry where I served as deck crew onboard various private and charter vessels ranging from 20 metres to over 100 metres, including the famous 100 metre Christina O, sanding down and varnishing timber panels alongside the entire inboard hull sides. I worked onboard both motor and sailing vessels. I became a competent varnisher and completed numerous such projects on various vessels. I worked as mate onboard the 94 foot Sunseeker MY Molly Malone, where I was responsible for the deck department, watersport activities and the general upkeep of the yachts' maintenance requirements.

I continued doing maintenance work in the Monaco Marine Shipyard in Antibes, France, during the annual hauling out phase of a range of vessels. I worked onboard yachts as deck hand to able deck hand, climbing the deck ladder to bosun and mate and reaching the rank of Captain in 2007.

In November 2007 I took over my first command as Captain onboard the 64 foot Sunseeker Manhattan. I managed the vessel in a single-crew capacity, and was responsible for all engineering aspects of the vessel, the interior, as well as the deck department. I aided the owner to achieve commercial status for the yacht, liaising with brokerage companies and showing the vessel on several occasions.

During 2008/2009 I was employed as the Captain on the 82 foot Sunseeker Predator (see Reference MY No Compromise ). The vessel was run as a Captain and stewardess team and I excelled at this opportunity. MY No Compromise was a very busy family yacht with a high level of service expected. Charters included the south of France, the Italian waters including Sicily, Sardinia and the Island of Corsica. I was responsible for delivery of the vessels to-and from Tunisia, compiling inventory lists and overseeing the hand-over process during the sale of the vessel in 2009. I am still an active and certified 200 Ton Commercial Yacht Captain.