In Water Activities

Scuba Diving

SY Kaori Welcome aboard!

It is my intention to give you an insight regarding my role as Scuba Diving Instructor within the Super Yacht Industry and through-out the diving world. I strive to keep current with industry regulations, the latest diving gear and equipment and dive opportunities. I endeavour to maintain peak fitness and keep my industry knowledge relevant in order to deliver the highest level of service to my scuba diving clientele.

I have logged multiple dives through-out the world and dived some of the most spectacular waters. I have participated on dives in all the oceans in the world and many seas including the Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, Persian Golf, North Sea, Red Sea, the Greater Caribbean and the Western and Eastern Mediterranean. I have enjoyed a broad range of diving experiences, whether it was diving at altitude in fresh water quarries, diving in the lochs off Scotland’s rugged coast line, fascinating dives off the Great Barrier Reef, cavern diving on the splendid islands of Malta and Gozo, diving World War II wrecks in the Red Sea or shark diving off the coast of South Africa. These dives have ranged from tropical to polar conditions.

I started my diving career in the 80s in the waters along the South African coast. In 2000 I joined Pro Dive where I was a guide for shark diving activities after it was introduced at the Bay World aquarium, Port Elizabeth.
I also participated in the grand opening of the famous Boardwalk Casino, Eastern Cape as special effects diver.

In 2000 I moved to the United Kingdom where I progressed to the level of PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor after receiving training in Israel within the CMAS Certification standard. I achieved PADI Specialty Instructor status after qualifying as a Nitrox Instructor in Scotland’s Northern Sea Territories.

I became the Personal Diver for the King of Qatar, and was responsible for all in-water activities related to the Emir of Qatar and VIP guests which included several Royals. I also served onboard the 80 metre Super Yacht, Constellation where I had the responsibility to oversee all in-water activities, the maintenance, purchasing and installation of breathing air compressors, diving cylinders and equipment. I worked and sailed on the entire Amiri fleet whilst based in the Middle-East.

My love for the sea and passion for diving has taken me to amazing destinations and introduced me to interesting clientele around the globe. My ultimate aim is to make every dive experience as memorable and enjoyable as possible for everyone, whether I am diving off a live-aboard in a remote place or guiding a night dive, spending time in the dive shop discussing new equipment or training in the pool.